Wednesday Word – “My Church”

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This Wednesday Word – “My Church” was inspired by a country song that is sang by Maren Morris. Getting outside, getting dirty while cleaning and refreshing just does something for me. Making the old look and feel new again is good for my soul. Maybe it will be for yours, too. Let’s slip on those work shorts and shoes. Turn on some tunes. Time to get busy!  

Backyard Spring 2018
Clean Again

“My Church” – Backyard, God and Blog

Backyard Spring 2018
Before / After the scrub

I can walk out in my backyard and it’s “My Church”; especially in the spring. You can just see and feel God everywhere. I spent a little time between Mother Nature’s Bi-Polar extreme expressions of her split personality this last few days trying to get things ready for summer. I was able to actually be out in shorts and even a swim suit once….then in 24 hrs after a major flip back to boots and  jacket…HAHAHA, gotta LOVE Arkansas.



Backyard Spring 2018

Time To Put my Feet Up!

Spring is Bouncing: Back -n – Forth,

Up – n- Down and ALL Around

I witnessed the return of our humming birds giving us buzz by’s wanting their feeders filled and put back put. We have two sets of cardinal’s that have babies stashed away in a nest close by that we can hear, but haven’t been able to spot.

Change is Suppose to BE Good….

The fence was moved a couple of weeks ago, so the flower bed’s are having to be rethought, moved, enlarged and a complete overhaul in some area’s. I am totally procrastinating that one. Speaking of the new fence; not a fan…but it’ll have to do for now. We are both still a MAJOR work in progress!!!

HE is… My Church

Back to where this post was headed in the beginning. It’s kinda “my church” on a daily basis. There aren’t many places that get me much closer to the Big Man and His Associates than my backyard. I can hear the sound of the wind, the birds sing, the smell of the season, feel the warmth of the sun and I just know… LIKE I KNOW, HE MADE IT ALL JUST FOR ME!!! The flower’s with all of the different varieties of blooms, shapes, sizes, colors and scents show the majesty of His artistic ability.

Are we not the luckiest children in the universe

that we have such a talented Daddy?!?!?! 

Backyard Spring 2018

Who’s YOUR Daddy?

I can lay out on the chairs by the pool or sit in the shade, He’s there. I do a LOT of therapy that takes place on my back porch. Daddy just shows up and hangs a while; some days He’s listening, some days He’s teaching, many….He’s just there. Jesus & the HG weigh in on several of the subjects. I can’t help but be so thankful and grateful for ALL that He has done and continues to do for me.

I know that right now I am in the middle of a HUGE season of change in my life, but there is no fear in me. That is because of Him telling me over and over in the scriptures to “Fear Not just BE COURAGEOUS!” I wish I knew exactly what the plans were, but He seldom shows us the end in the beginning. So the journey is more incredible with every choice that we make. I will continue to seek Him, love and trust Him. Ready to head out to “My Church.”

Backyard Spring 2018
My Church ~ His Artwork

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