12 Tell, Tell, Signs Spring has Arrived

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www.redneckrhapsody.com Peonies - White and Hot Pink. They showed out this year!
Peonies – White and Hot Pink. They showed out this year!

12 Signs Spring has Arrived

12 tell, tell signs that mean spring has arrived. When you live in the south there are a few things that mean spring is here, folks. Furthermore, if you live in Arkansas, some more than others on this list are a dead giveaway. Unfortunately, really more deadly than others are the storms that often produce tornadoes. We watch the spring storm reports pretty close around our house.

www.redneckrhapsody.com Storm brewing from the West , SW this is an ominous view from our back porch.
Storms a brewin’
  1. Go get a pedicure – Feet have to be sandal ready!
  2. Take the pool cover off!!! – Love to look at my pool – without the cover and preferably AFTER it’s clean.
    www.redneckrhapsody.com Pool after the cover comes off.
    Cover is off! Let the chemicals and cleaning begin. We are considering going salt water conversion, any thoughts???


  3. Clean blinds and windows – Ugh, there’s no easy way. While there up? Outside with the hose and a scrub brush? In the bathtub? How do you clean yours?
  4. Plant a few new perennials – Bright colors please!

    www.redneckrhapsody.com Sweet Williams blooming in an old fountain converted into a planter.
    Sweet Williams
  5. Get the loungers & back porch season ready – Hose, scrub, wipe – repeat. Every year same ole’ thing.

    www.redneckrhapsody.com Backyard Spring 2018 scrubbing whit lounger chair that were green, now back to white.
    Before / After the scrub
  6. Swap sweaters out for shorts – Drawer space is coveted by the seasons

We’re half way there!

  1. Switch boot space for sandals – Boots go into their perspective boxes but can still be reached for a specific occasion or right outfit. Sandals take the shelf space over.
  2. Get all our big planters that are poolside pots out of storage & refresh them – We love color around the pool. So, whether we pick ones that bloom of just vivid foliage, they must love heat and full sun. We are careful with choosing the type of blooming plants. Can’t be big or often with being so close to the pool for cleaning purposes. The planted Mexican petunias give us a run for our money on keeping trash out….

We will see how these do. Watch for a later post where I’ll share how we did picking new finds from the clearance rack at Lowe’s and whether I can live with this awful spray paint job I did with 20 mph winds.

  1. Restock the bar – Need all the necessities for CB to make sure he can do his work. (More on this in a later post. I think it deserves its own!)
  2. Our plants burst to life. Blooms, lots & lots of blooms.
    www.redneckrhapsody.com Forsynthia - Golden Rod blooming
    Forsynthia – Golden Rod
    www.redneckrhapsody.com Pink Bush
    We call it the Pink Bridal Wreath, but I know it has a real name. Can anybody help???

    www.redneckrhapsody.com American flag painted bird house & Quince bush with red blooms all over it.
    Quince bush behind, the Crepe Myrtle with our bird house, which has blue bird eggs in it.
  3. Storms – Serious ones!!! Sometimes
  4. OFFICIALLY SPRING: When our “PET” hummingbirds arrive.

    www.redneckrhapsody.com Red Throat Hummingbird perched in the Crepe Myrtle next to feeder to keep all the others away.
    Red Throat Hummingbird

Now, if we can keep the sun shining, pool gleaming and the blender working; it looks like a very promising summer. I can’t wait till the Cabana Boy puts his “apron” on & the grill is filled.  Tunes turned up Loud.  Such a great mix/blend on a playlist. You might just be in the mood for boots with your bikini & big 80’s hair! We will be sharing several of these moments, I’m sure (well, kinda – no 80’s hair). Welcome to the Welch Way of life, at least in the Lil’ diva’s backyard.

Make sure your livin’ with plenty of rhapsody!


www.redneckrhapsody.com Bridal Wreath Bush in full bloom - Thousands of tinny white blooms.
Bridal’s Wreath

14 thoughts on “12 Tell, Tell, Signs Spring has Arrived”

  1. Definitely enjoyed your blog post on Spring Coming. I now live in Florida originally a CT. Yankee so I laughed a lot with some of your references- clothes drawers and shoes..lol Great writing style.

    • Awww thank you so much! I am definitely not made for cold weather. Good Lord new what he was doing when He allowed me to be born in the South! If I relocate it’ll be further South or on a tropical island! Unless He picks Israel, I’d be fine anywhere over there.

  2. I don’t have blinds but seen an awesome tip of using tongs wrapped in microfibre clothes. I think that would work awesome. Love that you have hummingbirds I’m so worried our giant cat will eat any birds if we feed them haha. I can’t wait for spring! (Yes I know it’s technically spring but not so much here yet haha)

    • I will have to try the tong thing, seeing how that’s still last on my list. As many as I have in my house, I might get finished by fall, lol. I tend to procrastinate it…. Good luck for summer weather before fall!

  3. I just love watching my “pet hummingbirds” hover around the feeder. They’re just so colorful. Also love hearing the tree frogs in the evening – that’s a sure sign of warmer weather. Thanks for the upbeat post.

  4. Right now, the only thing going in my brain is that you have a pool ahaha I am seriously jealous but I live in Scotland and my skin is not so thick that I would brave an outdoor pool. Maybe we can move to somewhere and also have a pool. On the upside, we get snow in Spring and Summer and a heatwave in Autumn. lol

    Thanks for your post. What a fun read!

    • Wow, so if I ever visit the UK again I know when NOT to come. We were in England in Feb. once and it snowed. I definitely couldn’t live where it snows very much. I am not a fan of cold weather. We love our pool. They are work, but it brings a lot of joy. We often have loungers full. Hope you get to where you have one on day.


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