What Varieties are Blooming in Your Garden?

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www.redneckrhapsody.com Lilac bush Backyard - Varieties are Blooming now.
Lilac bush

What Varieties are Blooming in Your Garden?

What varieties are blooming in your garden? We have a beautiful backyard this spring! I don’t know if it is because of all the April showers (11th wettest on record) or that it’s just that time of year, either way we’ve had quite the pallet of color and a huge variety that doesn’t always show out like they have this year. Hopefully, I find a few new pictures to plug in, but I’ve been so impressed that I’ve shared some in another posts

www.redneckrhapsody.com Beautiful hot pink Peony blooming.in the backyard.
Peony at the back porch.

Varieties Blooming

We have a range from heirloom, handy me downs that we have transplanted from grandparents and old home places; all the way to ones from friends that share and brand new from the store. Some we know what they are called by everyday names. A few we know the nursery names for them. BUT many we have no clue. It’s just that bush we got a start from over at Mamaw’s place back in 1997. It has the prettiest little pink blossoms before it gets its leaves. I sure wish we knew what its name was…….

Varieties Blooming that We Don’t have –

We DO NOT have a variety with NO POLLEN…. For the love of all flowers if I just didn’t have allergies. My eyes swell & itch, roof of my mouth itches, SNEEZING – again & again & again, nose is either stuffy or running or both at the same time – how does that happen? I have figured out which ones makes it worse, therefore, we have purged several varieties. For instance, we no longer could tolerate them being right on top of us every time we went out of the house. Going to get in the car or laying by the pool usually starts a “allergy attack.” Privets / Ligustrum’s of any variety almost put me in the ground.

Bradford Pears blooming are awful. Both are hard on our whole family. They all lost their lives if they lived in the mowed area of our yard. We still have wild Privets on the edge of our yard that make spring by the pool & back porch a living hell till they are through blooming. Let’s put it this way I stay in a Benadryl coma for most of spring. I should have bought stock years ago.

www.redneckrhapsody.com Amaryllis blooming
Bright Red Amaryllis

Varieties of Blooms that we share –

Over the years we have given thousands of dollars away in plants to our friends. We REALLY should have partnered with a nursery to sell them plants. I think we are up to at least 10 or 12 varieties of daylilies. We have a few different just lilies – stargazer, tiger and callas. Two different Mexican petunia’s (they are up but not blooming yet) – purple and pink.

Rose’s, perennial hibiscus, canna’s, lilac’s, lantana, forsythia aka goldenrod bush, althea’s(rose of sharon’s), azaleas, amaryllis, sweet william’s, oleanders, camellia’s, hosta’s, peonies, hydrangeas, creeping phlox (Thrift) Mexican heather, and crepe myrtles (haven’t started blooming yet, but will have pepto pink, fuchsia and red when they do). A bunch that don’t bloom at all (well kinda) palm’s, nandinas, split leaf elephant ears, and banana trees.

www.redneckrhapsody.com Palm & various plants
Palm & various plants

We have ton’s more that I could list, but I don’t want to bore you, so I will refrain. Just know, flowers are my thing, even if it’s a love hate / give and take…. I give them life and they take my heart and make it happy. I love their beauty however, I hate the literal headaches and allergies they give me. With all that being said, I thank God for their amazing blooms, leaves, textures, colors and fragrance.

The Old Mill

www.redneckrhapsody.com Old Mill - NLR, AR Waterfall and Dogwood Tree
The Old Mill

We went by the Old Mill in NLR, AR to take in the spring blooms and shoot a few pictures. If you are ever this way it is worth checking out. Great place to take pictures, in addition, all little history about it. It is a re-created looking grist mill. It appeared in the opening scene of the classic movie “Gone With The Wind.”

www.redneckrhapsody.com Red Lace Leaf Japanese Maple
This Red Lace Leaf Japanese Maple. We’ve had this tree for about 20 years.

Varieties in all forms that bloom

Plants are so similar to people. Such as, some are small but have a lot to offer. A few are large and nothing to show for themselves. Discontent and overbearing are what Canna’s are to me (choose wisely how/where to plant them); much like a few folks that I have associated with.

www.redneckrhapsody.com Dark Purple Iris
Deep purple Iris

Life Lessons Bloom Everywhere

Life lessons from the garden have been happening since the beginning of time. That’s why the Master wanted us to live in it without sin, but we deal with the weeds of sin since Adam & Eve made the choice to learn the hard way. Would there be no weeds, if they hadn’t chosen to eat the forbidden fruit? Would we have allergies? What varieties are blooming in your garden? Are you producing a beautiful bloom? Can you bless others with your colors? What needs pruning and weeding out of your garden to make you bloom brighter and grow stronger?

www.redneckrhapsody.com Tropicana Rose
We transplanted this rose from my mom’s house in 2004.

Be blessed!

If you can’t bloom

where your planted,

then be a transplant,

find some good dirt.





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  1. Enjoyed this post. You have some flowers from my childhood in CT. that I miss in flowers. What style is your front. I like it..easy to read.

  2. Seeing these beautiful flowers makes me jealous of my less-than-stellar garden 🙁 haha I am in the process of growing Basil in a pot. I’ve failed quite a few times, but this one seems to be taking a stronger and more resilient approach.

  3. I love this paragraph so much: “Plants are so similar to people. Such as, some are small but have a lot to offer. A few are large and nothing to show for themselves. Discontent and overbearing are what Canna’s are to me (choose wisely how/where to plant them); much like a few folks that I have associated with.”


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