Senior Prom – Fearless Friday… Didn’t happen till Saturday!!!

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Senior Prom is finally here, not on a “Fearless Friday”. More like an sad Saturday.  Where has the time went? The reason I picked this to be “fearless” is because not only is my “sonsational” being brave and going without a date, but he is also wearing his own tux, that is not the norm. This is the first and last dance that Noah ever decided to attend.

Noah's Senior Prom - he's in a royal blue tux in our backyard.
Noah's Senior Prom - He's sitting on a piece of petrified wood posing.

Be Brave – Senior Prom Can Be Scary

Walking into your senior prom is scary, but so is the world right now. Every time I worry about him going off out into this great big world; I have to remember how brave he is to stick to his true self. There are so many things that are not the norm in our culture; we are fast becoming a society that just goes with the flow. I love that he chooses to walk in the opposite direction most of the time. Makes me proud that he wants to stand strong for what he believes.

Senior Prom Prep

There are always those last minute details. Hems to be shortened, shirts to be pressed, shoes to be polished and boutonniere to be made. YES, we are that rock your own way family. Noah picked out and purchased his tux last year. He tried it on earlier this week and we discovered that it had a raw hem and needed about 3″ taken off. I am so lucky that Mrs. Allred and Jettie did a good job putting a little sewing skills in this gray matter of mess that actually stuck. His dad had the tie and cummerbund. We picked him up a new shirt. He likes his shoes that are broke in, so they got a good polish.

The Boutonniere

Noah's Senior Prom Noah ready with Carolyn and Patsy.
Picked out by Noah, Paid by Mamaw and made by Aunt Patsy!


Noah’s Aunt Patsy (Great Aunt)……..LOVES NOAH!!! He can sweet talk her into just about anything. So, she is our “built in” family florist. He called her and asked for a personally made boutonniere for his senior prom. She came over all the way from Clinton, AR just to take him to the florist let him hand pick what flowers he wanted in it and made him a one of a kind boutonniere. It is gorgeous! We are so blessed to have her for all our special occasions. He’s super spoiled!


Noah's SR Prom
Bobby, Noah, Wayne & Noah

Senior Prom Pictures with the Family

He’s not overly thrilled with “lot’s” of pictures. We are hopefully going to have fun and he will decide to be enthused or accommodating, to say the least. Senior prom only happens once. We are hauling out all the grand’s, siblings and niece. Oh, and the parent’s, at least the crazy momma. I can’t believe he’s almost ready to graduate…. I’m not gonna cry, I’m not gonna cry…..I’m gonna try not to cry……

Noah's SR Prom

Noah's SR Prom
3 Generations – Trina, Jettie , Noah

After Prom Party

They are doing a nice after prom party in the athletic building at the school. It is great that they are making it available to all the student’s, even if they didn’t attend prom. He isn’t much of a driver, yet. but we are choosing to leave him in town with his car tonight, so he can come home when he is ready.

Noah's SR Prom
My Heartbeat’s

Empty Nest

Please bear with me, this empty nest situation is REAL. So real that I already feel it in my bones. I promise I will be a big little woman and let him become and amazing, independent young man, but I’m going to share with all y’all it’s going to take some serious adjustment and I will MISS him more than words can say.

I am Leaning In….He’ll be gone too soon!



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