Israel…Here I Go!!! Fearless Friday

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Israel…Here I Go!

Trina - Israel Spring 2018
Headed to the airport!

So, Israel is where I’m headed. First time for an out of the country adventure by myself. Much to some’s dismay, I’m am over the moon about this heartfelt God lead journey. I cried when I left in November, because there’s is just something about this place. There are truly no words that I can say or tell you about what it feels like to smell the air, feel the dirt beneath your feet, walk up ancient hand chiseled steps, watch the sun rise over the Sea of Galilee (even on hazy days), to interact with the people….YOU just gotta get here.

God is a feeling, a knowing, where believing

is set forth be faith and not by sight.

God is a feeling, a knowing, where believing is set forth be faith and not by sight. This is His chosen piece of real estate where He has done ALL of His major business. Almost EVERY religion started from here and if your book reads like mine – this is where it all gets wrapped up with a big ole’ bow on top with King Jesus sitting on a throne for a 1000 years in Jerusalem. This is why you get here.

The same dirt.

I believe that the dirt where the Temple Mount is is the same dirt where He drew up man and breathed life into humans. This is the very place where we came into being. Please if you never read another word of this just know you want to come to Israel. Don’t put it off for one of those “one day trips” it should be how soon can I go. You will never be the same. BTW you DO want to come your first time, at least with a group and have a guide. I will be back with a group, again November 2018. I am working on bringing groups, too April 2019.

Trina - Israel Spring 2018
DO NOT paint your nails on the way to the airport.

To Lug or NOT to Lug….

Trina - Israel Spring 2018
LUG is right!

The one minus about traveling alone is hauling ALL your luggage EVERYWHERE…. Yep, to get food, bathroom, load the cart at baggage claim, get it to the rental car, load it, get to room unload, carry up stairs…..ugh. You get my point. Less is really best when by yourself. Got totally blessed two ahead of me went to board in Little rock and they were asked if they would allow for their carry on to be checked to their FINAL destination, I quickly volunteered. Only problem was I now had to “lug” my heavy back back instead of it being roll-able… So, this has been a lesson learned. I will just have pictures with the same outfits on my next journey.

Trina - Israel Spring 2018
TD Israel

Rental Car Fun (more on this to follow…)

Great journey so far! First “all by myself” rental car & driving in a foreign country….way different than US, js! You have to enter a code in a little panel beside the steering wheel EVERY time you go to start the car. Pain in the butt! They give you a paper that has previous renters damage on the car, so that should tell you there are issues with the drivers here. I looked at the 5 or so in line on the way to mine, they ALL had some form of body damage to the vehicle. Fingers crossed & saying prayers that I won’t add any to my vehicle or to anyone else’s.

GPS in English, hahaha…

Tried programming the car GPS for English… All the statements and questions are in English, but the street names and after you type in your destination, still Hebrew. I’m working on learning the Hebrew alphabet, but A LETTER at a time is a whole different level than words. Speaking some of the language is much easier, even though it sounds SO WRONG with a deep southern drawl, than reading and writing. The Hebrew language lesson is for another post on a different day! Have to applaud my maps on the iPhone she took me right to my first night Airbnb.

Ever stayed in an AirBnB? Me either, lots of first’s this trip, already!

Another new and interesting experience. Host is a great older gentlemen. But he keeps house like one too…How’s your 70 something Gramp’s skill in the scrubbing bubbles department? Getting ready to hit the hay tomorrow should be a great day. It’s been a long…36ish hours.

Trina - Israel Spring 2018
Room for the night

Meeting People

I did have a few interesting conversations today. I told the Lord that I wanted to meet real people and get their stories. First encounter that proved a trip (no pun intended) was a young man who looked very “Tel Aviv” hip. His backpack had come unzipped and he was surrounded by people waiting to board the plane for Israel. A gentleman was telling him about who Christ was. I was close enough to hear it all and the young man was respectful, but I never got a read that the man made a difference. I kept waiting for someone to tell him his stuff was going to fall out, and yes his passport was in it. They let him start to walk off and still said nothing….this was at least a 5 – 10 minute situation. I went over before he got far and let him know it was open. He was so grateful.

New friend!

New friend! He is living in America now, after a work accident in Israel almost took his life. He had to come back for health issues for a bit. He still has partial paralysis in the right side of his face, which causes him speech issues. He was left with scarring from the tracheae and other places on his head. But he should have died, so he & his parents are thankful he’s recovered this well. I told him that I would continue to pray for his complete healing. After asking the purpose of my visit he gave me favorite foods that are must tries, and places to go. My take away was that he told me he could see I was real. He hoped I would glean from my experience in Israel. I pray that he was left with an authentic impression of exactly what a Christ like christian should be. Not that I get it right all the time, but I think I did at this moment.

Seat mates…

My left side seat mate for 10 hours was from Tel Aviv. She was lovely to have “next door” she slept most of the time. When we did visit I found out that she is in the Israeli Army & the mom of 3 – 6, 8 & 12. I thanked her for defending this land. She looked a little startled. I am grateful to soldiers, especially here. They are part of God’s army defending the apple of His eye. She gave me great tips of where to shop in Tel Aviv.

Hanging out in the rental car line

Next young man was hanging out in the rental car line for like 45 minutes with me. He has dual citizenship. He attended college in NYC, NY and works there, but returns here often. He was actually returning to serve his time in the military. Not sure how that is settling in from the look on his face but he said he was good with it. He looked to be late 20’s, early 30’s I can only assume that this is interrupting his “life” that he has built after school for himself. I told him I would pray for  his safety and drove away in my rental!

Love peoples stories

I love to get peoples stories and am so thankful that God is giving me the avenue to share a few of those with you, so join me as I surround these 3 young people for protection, prosperity and longevity!

Internet has been a little up & down as well as me with the 8 hour time flip, so yep your getting a Fearless Friday on a Special Holy Land Sunday!

Lean In, embrace the experience!



8 thoughts on “Israel…Here I Go!!! Fearless Friday”

    • Incredible country. I’m working on blogging about all 14 days there. I am taking a group in April…we still have a few seat available?. Details are in sidebar. Don’t wait – you’ll change forever from this experience, then you’ll share it with everyone.

    • It was an amazing experience. I LOVE it there. Believe it or not my worst issue was pumping gas??‍♀️. Who knew. Most of the large signs have English & most of the Israelis speak a little to a lot of English.

  1. Wow. You are so brave to travel all of the way to Israel by yourself. I am not sure that I will ever have the nerve to go that far. What an amazing experience, meeting people, the food, the driving, what an adventure. And I loved hearing about it.


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