Our Sonsational Graduating 2018 – Fearless Friday

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Look our “sonsational” graduating 2018 it is Noah’s fearless Friday – last day as an official Senior in high school. Life can be anything BUT fearless at times, but this momma prays that his never is. Things are changing y’all.
SR pic – 2018 Photo by Jacob DeNomie
Now & Then

 Fearless Friday – Sonsational 2018 Graduating 

Now & Then
Sonsational graduating 2018: Noah Welch has always been my “sonshine.” He woke to me singing that to him for years. I cannot begin to tell you what these last 18 years have been like! I have enjoyed this boy / young man to the utmost. I am so incredibly proud of the all that he has done. He graduated with honors and extra bling for achieving four years in the engineering program, as well as, other school programs. He presented Mr. Daughety with a Life Impact award, which melted his momma’s heart.

Line 89 for Class of 2018 Sonsational’s Graduating Tonight

Since Amber graduated in 2005, there has been a tradition of the parents, friends and other schools lining the main highway to take the seniors to Verizon Arena the morning of graduation for practice. So we made our signs and took our place along the line and waited on ALL 15 buses loaded with seniors…693 were in the program to receive their diplomas.

Sonsational – Ready, Set…GO

Noah - 2018
He is so handsome. Yes, I am 1000% prejudice. Whoever the girl is that actually share’s his heart with his momma one day sure will be a lucky, blessed young woman. She will be getting the whole package – smart, sensitive, caring, Christian, conservative, funny and….handsome (oops, I already said that)!!!!

Emotional Roller Coaster

Noah - 2018
I have laughed / cried / sniffled / giggled / teared up more than I can count – but thank goodness no ugly crying! I was really afraid that, that was going to show up, but I think I’m storing that one up for the day I will leave him at the dorm and drive away (makes me tear up just thinking about that one).

The 2 ½ hour ceremony

Yep, it takes that long to graduate 693 students! Two salutatorians, one valedictorian…throw in a pledge, anthem, couple of prayers, and alma mater….just under TWO and a HALF hours. W’s are always close to last…. So no leaving early (wouldn’t do it even if his last name started with an A)! Definitely proud of this boy and this moment for him to shine, all of these students deserve the time they’ve worked for on this night.


Afterwards we hit Old Chicago with about 5 grads and plenty of friends and family in tow. They did a great job juggling all the different arrivals and multiple separate tickets. Full tummies, happy peeps, tired parents. Took a minute to unwind from the emotions of the day, I think the clock said 2am when I turned off the TV.

4 parties in a row

10:45 am Party #1 – Birthday for a busy 2 year old. Our great nephew is a big ball of fun! Thankful to visit with some of our extended out of town crew, my brother and his family. #2  – Graduation party for Isiah – Looonnnngggg time friend of Noah’s. So very proud of this young man and all of his accomplishments. I can’t wait to see what all he does in the next few years. #3 – Graduation party for Sierra – We go to church with Miss Sierra. She is a beautiful young lady with a bright future at the U of A. She is a delight and so stinking smart. #4 – Graduation party for Adam – Adam is one of Noah’s best bud’s for the past few years. He is going the route of reserves then heading back for his education starting spring semester. He will definitely be an asset for our country to have him serving. His journey won’t be easy and we will keep him in our prayers. But, as far as that goes I will keep all of these children in my prayers.

Last show of honor for the graduates

Noah - 2018
Youth Grads @ the Bridge Church in Cabot
Our church recognized all of our seniors with our youth pastor presenting them with a book. VIP: How to Influence with Vision, Integrity, and Purpose by O. S. Hawkins . I hope they all invest the time in themselves and actually read it. Motivational reading can change a life forever!!! And your level of positive motivational reading is followed by the level of income, usually.

Worth is Priceless

The more you deposit into your own bank of self worth, you add value to your real estate investment that resides between your to ears and exists as gray matter. The more valuable you are the more you are paid. $$$$ follows the worth of self! My home church where we started Noah off at in life also recognized him with a beautiful Bible. He’s a lucky young man, who is loved by many people.

Downhill slide

We invited some friends over for an afternoon of chill time. Their daughter was the Valedictorian of CHS Class of 2018. Their plate has been a lot more full than ours with all the college visit and applications that they worked on, so we all need some real R&R! Thank you to all who have had kind words, sent cards, prayed, hauled, helped, and endured just this post or any of the past 18 years that have went into the making of this moment. I would be remiss to not mention the teachers and faculty of Cabot Public Schools their days are long and sometimes very difficult. I have watched them pray, feed, and even unfortunately fight with, as well as, for these young people. They just want to get them to where we arrived at this weekend…Graduated! Lord bless them and keep them protected and give them many, many more years!

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