Totally Solo in Israel Who’s Ready? Fearless Friday Trip Time

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Totally solo in Israel is a LARGE step. Most of my family think I’ve lost my mind. I didn’t even tell my momma until I was at JFK in NYC, NY. I was determined to be brave. Just decided this “fearless Friday” to go for what I knew God was leading me to do. When He leads who am I to say no?

My longest solo trip is to go see my sister regularly to keep my great cuts, colors, curls or lashes. It’s about a 2 hours (1.5 for me) one way every 4-6 weeks, so not that big of a deal. This one is going to take a little more time….

Trina at the Garden of Gethsemane Jerusalem, Israel
It’s going to be a great day!

One LONGGGGG day…..Starting This Totally Solo in Israel Trip!


USA to Israel plane details mid air on totally solo in Israel.
Just a hop, skip & jump!

It’s going to be one longgggg day. I think my travel time is somewhere around 24 hours, just airport time. This day will end up being about 36 hours from pillow to pillow. I do not count cat naps on a plane as “rest”.

Who needs sleep? I am so excited I can hardly stand it!!! I will be headed back to Israel. Knowing that the Lord was calling me back the very moment when we left the ground in Tel Aviv in November 2017.

My dream is to be taking groups back in the future, so I feel like I want to go do some boots on the ground, prowling around to see if I can find what the Lord would want me to share when the time comes to head back there with others.

What will I get to bring back from this journey? I feel that we, as Christians in the West, are somehow disconnected from our real roots.

We act like “all that” we read about in the scriptures is just that…a story in a book, not a reality. BUT, the Bible REALLY is real. It is ALL really there. They are finding / digging up more of it every single day.

Totally Solo in Israel is to Also Help Build My Travel to Blog

Trina in Jaffa, Israel 11/2017 with the Mediterranean Sea in the background.
Not bad after being up 30 + hours

The trip will also be for me to actually open up the travel in real time part of my blog / vlog. I began to think about what “tools” I would need to be able to provide the shots and videos that I will want to share with all of you.

Therefore, guess what I get to do??? I get to do what I do best SHOP!!! This brings out that nerd girl that loves to try some gadgets that I feel can further my skills, hahaha.

Remember, I am a work in progress, please don’t expect perfection from me, EVER. I will promise to try hard, but this mouth and well, skills are getting better, (grammar….not so much). I do have confidence that that will improve, too. If it doesn’t, maybe one day I will be able to have a VA or editor.


Totally solo in Israel best investment buy - flexible cell phone tripod.
Cell phone camera lenses.
Table clip travel circle light.

What shall I get hummmm…..

Back to my nerd factor: I am carrying a nice Canon Camera and a tripod that I’ve had for years. But I want options for the cellphone, on days I don’t want to haul all of that, when I’m out and about.

I may feel and handle it totally different once I am there and decide what my agenda will actually be. Yeshua has a heads up, He is actually calling the shots. I am His.

Yahweh has full reign of my itinerary. I’m in His hometown and country. I will stomp around His Holy city for a while, as well as, the countryside.

So ready for Him to expose me to the sights that all see, but with the eyes of a child who wants to see with a vision like His.

Share the Soul

I want to capture moments to share the soul of the cities, the country, the seas and the people of Israel with you. Who knows maybe, just maybe, you will be ready to venture over there after this!

You can then have your own experience with the most ancient location in the world, at least that has been documented. If you happen to be a praying person, I can sure use all that you wanna send up for my safety and blessings! Thank you! Shalom & Pray for the Peace of Israel <3

Travel Fearlessly,


Updated 7/27/2021


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