Outstanding Vacation Adventures in Puerto Rico

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Outstanding Vacation Adventures with Jenny in Puerto Rico

This outstanding vacation adventures in Puerto Rico with Jenny Bhatia is where we are going on this journey. Jenny is a fellow blogger who resides in Florida. She travels with her family; husband, daughter and son. When not in Florida, they can often be found in her husband’s home country of Puerto Rico. They are beginning to venture to other destinations, but home is where the heart is, therefore we are headed to Puerto Rico on this trip with the Bhatia’s.

Beautiful beach, ocean and palms shot in Puerto Rico
Room with a veiw! Isla Verde Beach

Please introduce yourself & tell us what you do

My name is Jenny. I am a wife and mom of two, a 13 year old daughter and an 11 year old son. They are super busy kids with school and sports, although summer is right around the corner. I am a semi-retired Oncology Advanced Practice Nurse after practicing in this field for over twenty years. As a result, I am very proud of this rewarding career. Currently, I am mostly a stay at home mom, AKA Homesite CEO! My husband’s family lives in Puerto Rico. We travel to Puerto Rico every summer and sometimes Spring Break or Christmas. The kids have grown up visiting this beautiful island and this is where I am going to take you.

Where are you taking us on this trip?

Puerto Rico

Solo or with someone?

We always travel as a family: Traveling Party of 4!

Favorite way to travel? (Transportation)

Flying is definitely not my favorite, but it is what it is. Can’t drive to Puerto Rico.

Outstanding Vacation Adventures in Puerto Rico Await:

Top 5 things to do while your there?

There are so many things to do in Puerto Rico. There is truly something for everyone. Our favorite activities change as the kids grow up. I will list our top 5.

1. El Morro-Castillo San Felipe del Morro is easily the most popular historic site in Puerto Rico and one of the most recognizable images of Puerto Rico. We visit this structure yearly, inside and out. Every year of the kid’s lives has been a different experience at this attraction. Last summer, we were able to hike around the entire majestic structure. What stunning views.
2. Stroll around Old San Juan- Another family favorite we do every visit. Food, drink, culture, history, art, architecture and shopping. Hence, I cannot think of anything more that I would need in a day of exploring.

The family strolling around Old San Juan eating shaved ice sweet treats.
Strolling around Old San Juan, you find these vendors making piragua, which is shaved ice covered with tropical flavored syrup. Another cold sweet treat that they don’t pass up.

3. Beach Day-So many beaches, so little time. What can I say? Our favorite stop on the island is Isla Verde Beach. Family friendly, white sand, coconut tree lined bit of heaven. In addition, you can jet ski, surf, boogie board, kite board or sail on a Hobi cat. There are other beaches with bigger waves, smaller waves, less people, more people, and even no people. Your beach choice depends on what you want to do with your day.
4. El Yunque Rainforest-Just about 20 minutes from San Juan and the beach, you can hike through the lush rainforest of El Yunque. We park at the trail head of Big Tree Trail and hike to La Mina falls. Bring a picnic and some water and/or wine. It takes about an hour to hike to the falls and they are stunning. It is worth it indeed.

Outstanding Vacation Adventures with the family in Puerto Rico

The Bhatia family after hiking Big Tree Trail.
The Bhatia family after hiking Big Tree Trail. La Mina Falls.

5. Bioluminescent Bay “Biobay”- A biobay is full of tiny unicellular microorganisms that light up when the water is agitated. So, when your hand brushes the water, there is a bright blue light from these little organisms. The boat, the oar, large fish, anything that agitates the water lights up. Kayaking in a biobay is surreal. Puerto Rico has one of the brightest biobays in the world in Vieques, a small island accessible by air or sea from the main island. There is also one in Fajardo that I have not experienced. The biobay in Vieques, PR is breathtaking.
If you want my full top 10, click here

Best food? Tell us about your favorite meal, type of new food you experienced, places to try and what not to eat?!?!?

The attractions I have listed are pretty amazing. But, the food of Puerto Rico is my favorite attraction, hands down. There are so many meals that I love, how do I choose. I would have to say that Mofongo is my favorite. Mofongo is mashed fried green plantains shaped into a bowl that is then filled with any type of meat you want. I love filling it with pork, but you can have chicken, fish, shrimp, lobster, you name it. Here is a list of my other favorites in this fun post on the National Foods of Puerto Rico. 

Outstanding Vacation Adventures in Puerto Rico Historic Landmarks

A Garita of El Morro. The Garitas are where the soldiers stood watch to protect their land.
A Garita of El Morro. The Garitas are where the soldiers stood watch to protect their land.

Did you make a great memory you’d like to share?

So many memories watching these kids grow up on this island. Undoubtedly, one of our favorite memories is probably the day we went horseback riding on the black sand beach in Vieques Puerto Rico. Surprisingly, it’s nearly impossible to access this area any other way. What a unique and unforgettable experience.

Anything that you wish you would have squeezed in the schedule?

Eventually, one of these days, I am going to find it in me to go zip-lining through the rain-forest. Imagine that!

Prefer camera or just shoot pictures with phone?

I do both. In spite of my abilities, I am a camera nerd. Consequently, I do have tons of amazing photography equipment…..if only I was worthy. I take a gazillion pictures and usually end up with a few keepers! However, I get better all the time!

Vacation adventures and exploring ocean walkway around El Morro, Puerto Rico with the kids.
Outside of El Morro with the kids.

Tips on traveling or navigating while you are there?

Get an old fashioned map of the island. Due to service GPS being hit or miss.

What is your best suggestion on what pack? What time of year were you there?

It is hot and humid year round, therefore cotton and linen are your friends. Pack tank tops, shorts, flip flops, shoes for hiking in the rain forest, cool summer dresses, cute hat, sunscreen and lip balm. You will sweat and your styled hair will not last, consequently products are rendered pretty much useless. Put it up in a pony tail or hat and keep going! Finally, drink lots of water, it’s a must.

Would you ever go back?

I will never get enough of this amazing island, thus we shall return always. We go back at least once a year and love every bit of it.

Vacation adventures inside of El Morro, Puerto Rico with everyone posing.
Inside of El Morro with everyone posing. I tried to line them up….
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Once again, I want to thank Jenny for sharing with all of us!

In addition, may your Rhapsodyville dreams

& travels come true! 

Be fearless & pack a bag!


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