Recipes for a Happy 4th with Drinks & DIY Dollar Decor

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Recipes for a Happy 4th with Drinks & DIY Dollar Decor

I’ve got recipes for a Happy 4th of July with drinks and DIY dollar decor. Who wants to add a little bang without big bucks? Never fear to be of cheer we’re gonna add a little celebratory blue and white to our REDneck here in Rhapsodyville. BONUS time: We are including a #July4thBlogParty with a few of my friends, too. You get a one-stop recipe & decoration buffet today!

DIY Dollar Decor

Twine and bag of Mardi Gras beads
Bag of beads and twine for the budget bling of the season!

Ever been Mardi Gras? Well, let me just tell you after a couple of trips to the big easy for a few of the big parades, they accumulate. A lot…. I decide to add a little glamour to our camp this year. Glamping at it’s finest!!! If you haven’t been to Madi Gras but like the idea of this decoration, you can find them at your local Dollar Tree stores or Party City for us. Beads can be bought in bulk online, also.

DIY twine and bead garland hanging on the back porch.
Whether they are back porch bling or camper glamping up your site these DIY beads bread a little sparkle.

DIY Decor Idea from a fellow blogger – Orb Lanterns

DIY Dollar Lantern Decor supplies - 2 hangers & solar lights, needlenose wire cutters, wire, 6 wood hoops painted red white & blue
Everything you need for DIY Dollar Orb Lantern Decor

I took a page out of Agnes’ book, or at least an idea off of her #2019GardenTour post. She gives excellent directions on what you will need to make this cute globe lantern. I just changed paint, and went with a 4th looking solar light. Using some acrylic instead of just spray paint because I didn’t have all the colors I need in cans. Besides using what I had around the house to make these, they basically cost me $2.00. I was out of wire, so I need that anyway, therefor the cost of it I didn’t add. The hoops were from, my Mamaw’s stash of craft supplies that I inherited a while back. I think I have like 20, so there were enough that I went with 3 hoops on each of my lanterns, clearly I would need red, white and blue.

Perfect lantern for any 4th get together.
4th DIY Dollar Lantern – Perfect to keep any party lit up!

For more information and instructions about both of the above projects, you can find them on my Outdoor DIY Dollar Decorations post.

Recipes for a Happy 4th with Drinks and DIY Dollar Decor continue

Now, I have saved the best for last. Everybody needs a little something to sip on while celebrating this festive holiday. Without a doubt, it can keep me crafting longer & strong while preparing for the 4th. This sweet fusion of fruit flavors and alcohol first connected with me on a cruise. We hit it off so well, we decided to keep in touch… I found the recipe tweaked it to have a Southern flare, it’s been a love affair ever since.

Southern French Martini Drink Recipe

Southern French Martini with ingredients.
Who doesn’t enjoy a great little cocktail while preparing the outdoor, glamping, dollar store DIY sparkle for the RV park or your back porch?

I am absolutely from the south where almost everything we eat or drink has a little extra pinch of sugar (for some it might be more like a cup of sugar). Why could I not take 3 delicious ingredients and make them even better by adding a pineapple infused simple syrup? Who knew how easy it would be to wow your mouth??? Sounding better all the time, I know right!!! The details and recipe for the Southern French Martini can be found by clicking on the link. I make it a couple of different ways, change up the ingredients, and garnishes. Let me know which combination. We want to know whether your a “Redneck” fan OR is it the “Rhapsody” version for a win?!? See what my preference is on the recipe page for the Southern French Martini.

All the ingredients you need to make French Martinis Southern style. Vodka, Raspberry Liqueur, Pineapple juice and special simple syrup.
An explosion of flavor in your mouth. Perfect refreshing cocktail for the 4th. It’s Redneck vs Rhapsody.

Recipes for Drinks and Decor

I hope these easy recipes are ones that fit your skills. Maybe you can whip up a frothy Southern French Martini, while you add a little sparkle to your outdoor quarters for the 4th. I pray that you have a safe and blessed holiday. With that being said, remember the real reason we do celebrate it, freedom is a gift that was earned by the shedding of blood. Thank you to all our military branch’s, and elected officials. God Bless Our President and God Bless America!

Peace & Freedom,


#July4thBlogParty is Officially Here!

Collage of all the 4th blog party post
Welcome to the #July4thBlogParty

Guess What??? You’re not done yet! You get to stay in your seat, click below and go on a 4th of July frenzy of fantastic ideas to celebrate all things red, white, and blue! This group of guys & gals want to give you decoration tips and recipes that will help you make a statement by keeping it beautiful, simple & delish.


[Click on pictures to take you to individual sites for details.]

DIY Decorations

4th of July picnic all red, white & blue themed.
Kerri Morris has the perfect decor for a Happy 4th Picnic.


Centerpiece for 4th of July!
Create a beautiful centerpiece for your 4th of July table for less than $25!! – Maria Ross


4th of July craft ideas
Fun and Easy craft ideas for the 4th of July for toddlers with a few other ideas for teens and adults. – Ashley Havecker


DIY simple crafts for the 4th of July
Agnes Chrzanowska – Easy patriotic ways to dress up our home -diy ideas


Beautiful Patriotic Tablescape with Bandanas featured in read and blue.
Let’s celebrate the red, white and blue with this no-sew patriotic tablecloth made from Dollar Store bandanas. – with Michelle James


VIntage look DIY tablescape for the 4th.
Super simple vintage 4th of July tablescape inspiration on a DIY budget. – Lia Ewald-White


Cute 4th of July printables
Whether you’re having a small family BBQ or a big Independence Day blow-Out, these fun and free 4th of July printables will help you accent your party with some fun & DIY decor printables. – Paul Stainton

Fab Recipes for the 4th!!!

4oz mason jar with fresh strawberries, whip topping and blueberries.
Three easy desserts to delight your family and guests. — with Kippi Kim Gale O’Hern


Blue and white swirl cookie with red accent.
Jane Vranic – Add a little red, white and blue to your summer celebrations with these delicious and simple cherry almond sugar cookies.



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