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Special guest, Marianna Scott, has us heading south to join her in Galveston, Texas, so let’s get going for a guaranteed good time. Marianna and I connected through several of the sites where we share stories and provide encouragement to other bloggers. I love her laid back, true pleasure of telling about her travels. This time she is sharing Galveston details with us. I encourage you to follow her adventures by using links below for her blog and social media’s.

Galveston, TX Seawall on Sunday Morning
Seawall on Sunday Morning

Please introduce yourself & tell us what you do

Hi, my name is Marianna. I was born and raised in Serbia and moved to Canada in 1995 and lived in Toronto for almost 20 years. Six years ago, I moved to the United States. I love to travel and thanks to my husband’s occupation, we travel together a lot. Visited 45 states in America and because of that, I decided to start a Lifestyle Blog.

Where are you taking us on this trip?

Galveston, Texas

Historical Sacred Heart Church in Galveston, TX
Galveston, TX Historical Sacred Heart Church in Galveston, TX

Solo or with someone?

I took this amazing trip with my husband

Favorite way to travel? (Transportation)

Actually, I really don’t have a favorite way to travel. For short travel like to take the car, overseas, of course, an air plane.

Galveston, Texas has lots to do:

Galveston, TX Broadway Ave
Broadway Ave

Top 5 things to do while you’re there?

Explore Galveston’s historic sites. Dolphin tour is a must to experience. Restaurants are amazing, and you can choose from Mexican, Seafood, Italian cuisine and of course the TexMex eateries. Souvenir shopping on the Sea Wall, you will find something for any occasion:  but last but not least, experience the sunrise at the beach.

Best food? Tell us about your favorite meal, type of new food you experienced, places to try and what not to eat?!?!?

Best food? This is a difficult question. In Galveston, Texas the food is amazing. I love seafood a lot. Galveston Island offers a variety of delicious seafood dishes. Our favorite place is the Fish Tale Seafood Restaurant. A friendly warning though, if you dine on the upstairs deck, you are going to have visitors from the bird family. You just ignore them and don’t make any eye contact with them, and they are going to leave you alone, maybe. Fish Tale Restaurant has the best, fried calamari for an appetizer. At the Island, you are going to find authentic Mexican food too. Our favorite is Tortuga Mexican Kitchen, and it is located on the Sea Wall. They offer the best fish tacos and fantastic strawberry margaritas. While you are there, please visit Queen’s Bar-B-Que place. They make the best-smoked turkey sandwich or the smoked brisket chili. The eatery is a little bit secluded, but it is worth to find it. A useful tip; when visiting Galveston in the summer season, you should make a reservation at some restaurants. Sometimes you will wait an hour to be seated.

Galveston, TX Cajun Seafood Pasta at Fish Tales Restaurant
Cajun Seafood Pasta at Fish Tales Restaurant

Did you make a great memory you’d like to share?

My most significant memory is when we visited the legendary Bishop’s Palace on Broadway Avenue. They also call this Victorian-style house the Gresham’s Castle. You can have a tour guide certain days; the history behind this beautiful castle is breathtaking. Learning about the family who lived there and explored the castle’s rooms is unforgettable. Did you know that Galveston ranked as one of the nation’s most haunted places? Hope I didn’t scare you away!

Galveston, TX Bishop's Palace
Bishop’s Palace

Anything that you wish you would have squeezed in the schedule?

I wish we could have visited the beautiful Moody Gardens, especially the Aquarium, it is located at one of the pyramids of Moody Gardens. I had a chance to visit the famous Moody Gardens a few years back, and the experience was fantastic.

Prefer a camera or just shoot pictures with a phone?

Pleasure Pier in Galveston, TX
Pleasure Pier in Galveston, TX

To take pictures I like to use my phone camera but planning to have a good camera for my future photos.

Tips on traveling or navigating while you are there?

Galveston Island is straightforward to explore. In every souvenir shop, you can find maps about the island. If you want to see everything, take a walk on the famous Sea Wall. You can even find Bicycle rentals if you don’t want to drive around Galveston. Also, there is the very cute Duck Tours Land & Water, it will take you on the water first and back to the land. It is fun and humorous for the whole family, also informative with experienced captains.

What is your best suggestion on what pack? What time of year were you there?

Spring and Summer is my favorite time to visit the Island. Yes, it is a bit hot and humid but you can cool off at the beach or the hotel pool. Pack lots of sunscreen with you and a hat. Since you are going to walk a lot, wear comfortable shoes. That is a must!

Galveston, TX Beautiful Sunrise at the Seawall
Beautiful Sunrise at the Seawall

Would you ever go back?

Sometimes we go back to Galveston more than once in a year. Love Galveston. It is not your usual Texas city for sure.

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Once again, I want to thank Marianna for sharing with all of us!

In addition, may your Rhapsodyville dreams

& travels come true! 

Be fearless & pack a bag!



**All the above answers are the authentic replies guest. I try not to change anything.

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