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www.redneckrhapsody.com Tuesday Travel - Waterfalls in Australia
Waterfalls in Australia

Tuesday Travel  featuring Wendy Gregory

www.redneckrhapsody.com Tuesday Travel - Drinks under the big grass umbrella on the beach watching an amazing sunset in Mexico.
Drinks at sunset in Mexico

Tuesday Travel is a new platform that I feel will expand all of us. I’m excited about having others share their travel & trips with us. We could all pick the same city, with the same adventures and there would be a different story, because we all process and experience life differently. If you are interested in sharing your travel adventure with us, please click on Travel Tuesday and choose which questionnaire you would like to fill out. #1 is about a particular trip, #2 is about travel life in general.

www.redneckrhapsody.com Tuesday Travel - Stonehenge with it HUGE rocks in the field in England
Stonehenge – England

BUT…Before we jump into travel,

let’s take a sec to celebrate!!!?????

www.redenckrhapsody.com Redneck Rhapsody banner celebrating blog's Birthday_anniversary
One year y’all!!!

Well, I just celebrated my first anniversary as a blogger. www.RedneckRhapsody.com turned 1 year old on February 26, but first post didn’t land till March 1st… HAPPY BIRTHDAY / Anniversary, to us!!! I don’t know whether y’all appreciate it or not, but I sure appreciate all of you! Those of you who regularly get our emails, comment on posts and interact with RedneckRhapsody on social media – you rock!!!

We are stopping in to have a chat with

my friend & fellow blog/vlog girl:

www.redneckrhapsody.com Wendy Gregory
Wendy Gregory the creator of FabCraftsandMore.com

Wendy Gregory – Just a girl who wants to craft, cook, travel and take pictures of it all!

Look who just hit 5,000 subscribers on YouTube!!!!

www.FabCraftsandMore.com / FabCraftsandMore YouTube

www.redneckrhapsody.com Tuesday Travel - Cafe and shops on a side street in Ettlingen, Germany.
Cafe and shops on a side street in Ettlingen, Germany.

Before I dive into some of her travel jaunts, I wanna share just how we hooked up in this blog society life. Really, it is funny just how small this great big ole’ world is… I decided to take a blogging course with a reputable, long time blogger who was teaching how to build a blog. I had been a part of the group for about 3-4 days. There was a name I had seen before. It popped up in the FB group for the course; then it hit me that she was my ex-stepbrother’s wife. Her husband had been my stepbrother from the time I was like 4 years old till I was 7. They now live in Oregon. He had found an old school annual of mine a couple of years ago, reached out to me on FB and sent it to me.

www.redneckrhapsody.com Tuesday Travel - Wendy and Jay Gregory on a bridge in Italy with water, boats, and city behind them.
Wendy & Jay – Venice, Italy

We continued to follow each other

We continued to follow each other on FB, so when Wendy’s name and profile started showing up in the feed for the blogging course I sent her an IM to see if she was in fact Jay’s Wendy. She IM’d me right back that she was, so that’s how that friendship story goes! Now for y’all to meet this great gal and her wonderful talents. She Vlogs more than blogs. Her Cricut skills amaze me. She can shoot a mean head shot, lovely landscapes and everything in between. She’s been a professional photographer since 2009. But she is so much more than that: mom, wife, daughter and she rocks all of her important titles. Jay & Wendy travel the world and she documents all the best of it with fantastic pictures, so lets look at some of her favs.

www.redneckrhapsody.com Tuesday Travel - Huge castles built up on a high wall in Japan
Nagoya Castle in Japan
  • How many trips do you average in a 24 month period? Totally random, the last 5 years we have gone to Mexico every June, but the others are just when Jay (husband) has to go for work.
  • US or International? Depends. See #1
  • Favorite destination so far? Australia
  • Friendliest country on a whole? Australia
  • Best food? Japan or Italy
www.redneckrhapsody.com Tuesday Travel - Pizzimunno Cliff - Vieste, Italy Limestone monolith
Pizzimunno Cliff – Vieste, Italy
  • One place that holds a favorite memory? Got married in Italy. The Fall equinox at Stonehenge. Oktoberfest in Munich.
  • Solo or with someone? Always with Jay. We go to Mexico with friends.
  • Prefer camera or just shoot pictures with phone? Both.
  • If you picked anywhere else to live where & why? Australia
  • #1 place to go you haven’t been; if you have been, why #1 for return? Australia, people are nice, so many places to visit you can’t see it all in one trip. The animals. Beautiful scenery.
www.redneckrhapsody.com Tuesday Travel - Great scenery in Luxembourge
www.redneckrhapsody.com Tuesday Travel - Coliseum in Rome, Italy
The Coliseum in Rome, Italy
www.redneckrhapsody.com Tuesday Travel - Brighton bathing boxes in Victoria, Australia. Yellow, red, blue, lavender & white, purple & orange, yellow & green, and mixes of all of the above.
Brighton bathing boxes in Victoria, Australia.

Wendy and I have fast become friends with a little back story, this really is a small world. Thanks, Wendy, for this being my first “real post” on Tuesday Travel!!!

Be fearless!

Love living in a Rhapsodyville state of mind~




4 thoughts on “Tuesday Travel featured Guest”

  1. Wow, what a good story you girls have! FB is a good source of finding old friends and family. I found my half sister and started chatting and shortly after that they came to visit us in Puerto Rico. Back to the post… You are right these pictures are incredible. Make me wanna travel like tomorrow.

    • I am so glad to hear others stories! Yay, for finding family. She does take beautiful pictures that make you want to climb in them.

  2. Happy Blog-versary Trina! That is awesome! My one year is around June/July! Almost there! I love reading posts like this, it is always intriguing. You learn more about a blogger’s life by doing guest post/interviews. I am jealous she has been to Australia! It’s on my bucket list for sure.

    • It is a great way to get know others. Did you fill out one of the forms for me?? She leaves Saturday to go back there. I can’t wait to see all the new pics. I wish o was going with her, too.


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