New Obsession a Delicious Drunken Iced Coffee Recipe

Looks like I may have to change my opinion, since developing a new obsession for delicious Drunken Iced Coffee. The iced coffee thing is totally overrated in my book, that is until I started to tinker around with the Southern Cabana Boy’s Iced Coffee. Then I decided it was delicious when I began to add … Read more

Who went to Megaphone Summit #19 and learned a lot?

You might ask just who went to Megaphone Summit #19 and learned a LOT? ME!!! (And the SCB, Wayne). Can I just say that I am so thankful that I found this group of amazing bloggers, leaders, and business partners? #megaphone19 did not disappoint. I am still a baby to the blogging world(1st post ever) … Read more

Fruity Vodka Cocktail for Back to School Moms

A terrific recipe for a fruity vodka cocktail just when mom needs it the most! It’s almost time for those sweet little minions to go back to school. Then the schedules will kick in and happy hour can kick start the school year crunch, which is just a different phase of pandemonium, LOL! Who need’s … Read more

Grilling Ideas to Make Happy Wife & Cool Life

Grilling ideas that make me a happy wife and give us a cool life are what we are sharing on this tour. It is the way many of my summer meals go. BBQ Bash for the outdoors scores at the Welch’s! We love being able to put our whole meal on the grill. Since it’s … Read more

How to Make Delicious Frozen Lemonberry Libation

    A delicious, frozen Lemonberry Libation was just a little something that I churngered up while hanging out at the dock this week on the boat. Talk about a girl getting giddy, let’s just say that it is a little party in your mouth! Delicious drinks happen; like a whipped Lemonberry Libation when there … Read more

Grilling Zucchini Is What’s For Dinner At The Welch’s

Grilling Zucchini Is What’s For Dinner At The Welch’s Ready to get grilling! Grilling zucchini is a summer standard at the Welch’s. Zucchini along with a big ole pile of protein. Pork chops, boudin, chicken breast, and zucchini are on the coals. If the SCB is gonna fire up the grill, it’s going to be … Read more

How to Make Iced Coffee at Home Recipe

How to Make Iced Coffee at Home Recipe Making iced coffee at home is absolutely one of the easiest recipes. Also, it costs much less and you can get a better size portion to your liking. I love cooking and sharing, but am not use to writing it down and measuring everything. I kinda shoot … Read more

Fearless Friday featuring The Cabana Boy

This Fearless Friday we are featuring NEW blog content creator: the Cabana Boy! Introducing the newest member to my blog content team: This fearless Friday we are meeting Wayne Welch, aka “Cabana Boy,” (CB) or otherwise know as my husband, which he is not new – almost 23 years of marriage & 27 of hanging … Read more