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Patriot Sources for Information

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These patriot sources of information are where I get most of my info. I have spent time in the last six months listening, reading and praying. This is when I discovered that I have become an American Patriot. In doing so, certain data and resources that I have gleaned knowledge from have been very valuable. I am NOTdo you hear meNOT putting my faith in any of the list below – EXCEPT the Holy Bible.

I do know that the Lord does have modern day prophets. We should always use discernment and wisdom when listening. If the words DO NOT line up with scripture – DON’T listen. I also know that just because we have been taught something in church; it is not always exactly what the Bible says.

Yes, some of the people below do not believe exactly like I do, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know more than me in their area of expertise. Ex. Just because I brush my teeth every day or have to help pull my child’s tooth, does not mean I need to get a drill and cement to fix a cavity. NO, I go to a dentist. He is trained how to do that.

Many of these references have been learning government, military, economy, Bible, and politics before I was even born. Do your own work for this day and age we live in. We are in need of people who have more wisdom. Be strong, stay in the word & do the work.

Patriot Sites Censored

Currently, many of the below sites are for direct website links. Some however are social media or are on search engine platforms like YouTube. A few of them are in a suspended mode because of what is taking place in our nation. Please search for them on other platforms(because they might just be putting out good info, hence why they are suspended, demonetized and possibly even deactivated permanently. )

Please Note: Below are outbound links that I receive NO perks or monetization from at this particular point in time. I do look forward to possible collaborations or maybe even interviews with one or two of them. 

Patriot Sources and Sites List:

The Holy Bible – There are many versions, apps, etc. I prefer the NKJV or the Christian Jewish Bible(Bible App, Bible Gateway App). I also use the Olive Tree Bible Study App. My daily go to is a leather bound NKJV John Maxwell Leadership Bible. I have writing in it. Colored pencils are used for highlighting numbers throughout the entire Bible. The coloring of Yahweh’s word in the O.T. is a different color. (This is me, this is how I roll.)

Telegram Channels to follow: Trina Welch and Redneck Rhapsody



HERO Main Page


HERO RV/Quantum Talk


HERO Channel:

Clouthub Trina
Clouthub Krystine


Richard Citizen Journalist

Lin Wood

David Harris Jr

Robert David Steele

Revolver News


Voice On America


The Fall of the Cabal # 1-10 are a must, then # 11-27

Out of the Shadow

An Open Secret