Road Trip to Pennsylvania

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A road trip to Pennsylvania with the Welch’s & Hamann’s is who this adventure is with! A summer road trip to Pennsylvania is exactly what everyone wants, right? Well, when it’s over 1,100 miles (one way) and you’re the one with the shortest legs… you know who will be at the “back of the bus”. This journey consisted of the 3 Welch’s and our dear friend’s Bill & Marie Hamann. Welcome to PA - State welcome sign pose with both families when we stopped for a bathroom break.
Welcome to PA – The Welch’s & The Hamann’s

Arkansas to Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania

Arkansas to Pennsylvania is a very numbing experience to say the least (1,157 miles – one way)! 2 days going, 7 days there, and 2 days back. Luckily we were there long enough for me to get past the tingle and actually get my feeling back into my built in cushions (which were quite deflated at the time). *We did spend the night somewhere in VA, but it was inconsequential, cause it was not stored in my memory bank.? Likewise on the return, although we did choose a different route and stayed the night in KY, not VA.*

First stop was Gettysburg, PA

Hope you did not plan on walking all the way around Gettysburg National Military Park. It is quite extended; an area of fields, as well as, forests. A vehicle makes the tour of the historic place much more enjoyable and a whole lot cooler. Memorials at Gettysburg, PA - with a few Welch's in the pics.
Memorials at Gettysburg, PA Trina and Noah on the tower overlook at Gettysburg
Trina and Noah on tower overlook at Gettysburg.

After we wrapped up the Gettysburg tour we had contacted my cousin who lives about an hour from Hershey, PA to see if they might want to meet for lunch. Sure enough we were able to connect, break bread and catch up a little. It was so great to see Christy and her family. Family reunion - Great to have an updated family photo! Welch's & Higinbotham's / Lustig's
Great to have an updated family photo! Welch’s & Higinbotham’s / Lustig’s


Hershey’s Chocolate World – Sweet’s Before We Dream

After that before we left Hersey…Yep, you guested it, we had a little detour to fix that sweet tooth.?? We went to the Hershey’s Chocolate World before we headed to our condo for the week. Hershey World chocolate sight's and taste!
Inside play at Hershey World


After being a car for so many days, we decided that the next day, we would just relax. We would take the day to S_T_R_E_T_C_H_ , before we went anywhere else in the car. Little putt-putt golf time. Noah being all serious about getting his putt-putt on!
Noah being all serious about getting his putt-putt on!


Time for another “short day trip”

We did decide to make a couple of day trips within the state; to see different areas while we were there. We learned a long time ago that you should always have a day of rest every other day, if at all possible when doing extended trips. The ones of us, that are traveling in the seats located in the metal cargo hold (aka back end of a small suv), are A LOT less grouchy.

www.redneckrhapsody Noah posing with George Washington in front of Independence Hall.
Noah posing with George Washington in front of Independence Hall.

So, Philly here we come!

We are history geeks, well, Noah & I. Wayne (CB) just hangs out with us because we are fun.? Bless his heart. He can do a museum, any museum (unless pop culture, cars or beer) in 60 minutes or less. Noah & I take like 4 hours to read, learn and hopefully store a little of what we see, Wayne he’s waiting on us patiently. He’s already had a bathroom break, eat a snack and scrolled FB for 2 hours. Just kidding, well not really

Independence Hall did not disappoint.

www, Interior pictures of Independence Hall - Original chairs and desk that were used by the founding father's of our nation
Interior pictures of Independence Hall

The desks and chairs used by the founding Father’s of our nation when they first met. This was the original seat of power for the brand new United States of America. This room holds so many tales. Can you just imagine if that walls could talk???

Lunchtime! Lunchtime at Reading Terminal Market - Vendors, tables and people everywhere
Lunchtime at Reading Terminal Market

There was a HUGE variety to choose from in the Reading Terminal Market. Already made or fresh items that you could take and make your own. We loved this place. It is definitely worth making it onto your trip as a stop and check it out. We went into our first ever Jewish Synagogue, which was very enlightening. After a little more history, walking and sightseeing we had yet again worked up an appetite. {Just in case you haven’t figured it out by now…we love food!}

Time for another US legend of sorts…

I have long heard and seen on TV about the legendary Philly Cheese Steaks. Who are we to think we shouldn’t give it a go? Nobody, right….so here we are. Home of the legendary Philly Cheese Steaks - Geno's and Pat's
Home of the legendary Philly Cheese Steaks

We ate at Geno’s. We were too full to try Pat’s. Next time we go back that’s the one we will try. I enjoyed it, but I still think I live with the best steak cook – any version or way you wanna cook it. **Keep an eye open for the soon appearing post from the “Cabana Boy Cooks.” – hence, why you will see Wayne replaced by – CB in many of my writings.**

Amish country, headed your way next

We took a day off, but headed towards Amish country next. I probably should have called and give them a heads up since my mister doesn’t have buggy patience on the pavement, oops guess that wouldn’t work, since they don’t really have phones. Amish wagon full of people being dropped off.
A version of a bus, I suppose.

This picture really does speak for itself… Noah standing on the side of the road posing with the "Welcome to Intercourse, PA" sign
Noah standing on the side of the road posing with the “Welcome to Intercourse, PA” sign. How cute is that “Sonsational” of mine! Team of horses pulling farm equipment and another buggy heading to town.
The really meaning behind “horse power.”
www, We stopped in the shops in Lancaster Co. while we were there.
We stopped in the shops in Lancaster Co. while we were there.

When we finished and headed back towards our condo. We detoured slightly thru Pottsville. It was late enough that there weren’t many businesses open, BUT the one thing the CB was interested in was there…and calling him…the Yengling Plant. The “oldest longest continuously running” beer bottling country in America was there.

We returned the next day to tour, taste and of course purchase. This trip was in 2017 and Yuengling was NOT sold west of the Mississippi River. It is one of  CB’s favorite beers when we cross the bridge headed east. It is his “go to” every time we go to Florida, so yes he stocked up. We also most did not have seats or space for luggage to get back to Arkansas. We learned a lot on our little tour. It was so interesting. Yuengling kept their beer in caves that were located in the base of these buildings to keep a perfect year round temperature. Brewery where beer is being made, canned and stored.
Yuengling original production brewery & storage in PA.

We learned about what they did during the Prohibition to keep producing products. If you get close to Pottsville stop by and check it out. We actually met Dick Yuengling, which we didn’t know till we finished the tour and saw his cardboard figure. He crossed the street with our group shook hands and held open the door. We just thought we was a kind employee, missed that photo op.

Lunch time, again…

When we left the brewery, we asked for referrals for a good place to have lunch. The locals usually know and they did not disappoint! They sent us a few blocks away to a fantastic Italian restaurant. Italian for lunch - Pizza!
Yummy Pizza

We enjoyed this low stress, laid back, beautiful country of Pennsylvania, but NO amount of anything could make me want to move here….. They have “real” winters – snow, hell nawh! I’m looking to get further south than Arkansas. This history rich state leans to allowing you to learn everywhere you go, even when your not trying. Thanks PA, I’m sure we’ll be back (just not in the winter?).

Be blessed & may you your Rhapsodyville place today!



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  1. I have traveled thru Pennsylvania but never stayed and explored. You shared great information on what to visit. Great post and love your photos! Thanks for sharing.


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