Galveston, Texas Get Going – Guaranteed Good Times

Special guest, Marianna Scott, has us heading south to join her in Galveston, Texas, so let’s get going for a guaranteed good time. Marianna and I connected through several of the sites where we share stories and provide encouragement to other bloggers. I love her laid back, true pleasure of telling about her travels. This … Read more

Outstanding Vacation Adventures in Puerto Rico

Outstanding Vacation Adventures with Jenny in Puerto Rico This outstanding vacation adventures in Puerto Rico with Jenny Bhatia is where we are going on this journey. Jenny is a fellow blogger who resides in Florida. She travels with her family; husband, daughter and son. When not in Florida, they can often be found in her husband’s … Read more

Tuesday Travels with Tammy Staley

Tuesday Travels introduces us to Tammy Staley This Tuesday Travels we are with Tammy Staley. She is sharing some of her many journeys with us. I look forward to getting to know her even better. Tammy & I met up in a couple of different blog groups. I really admired her love for travel. She … Read more

Tuesday Travels with Carol Mellema

Tuesday Travels introduces us to Carol Mellema Carol, husband Jim and their 3 fur babies travel the United States in their RV. She’s a fantastic photographer, but I wont steal her thunder you’ll be able to see it in her pictures she is sharing. I will be dropping all of her links at the end, … Read more

Tuesday Travels with The Mad Traveler – Kevin Revolinski

Tuesday Travels introduces us to “The Mad Traveler,” aka Kevin Revolinski Kevin Revolinski is the Mad Traveler; who is our guest for this Tuesday Travels. I literally clicked across his blog in search of information for an upcoming trip while researching a country we were looking to visit. He had some great information (Tuesday Travels … Read more

Road Trip to Pennsylvania

Road Trip to Pennsylvania with the Welch’s & Hamann’s A summer road trip to Pennsylvania is exactly what everyone wants, right? Well, when it’s over 1,100 miles (one way) and you’re the one with the shortest legs… you know who will be at the “back of the bus”. This journey consisted of the 3 Welch’s … Read more