How to Make a Valentine Moment & Memory?

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How to Make a Valentine Moment & Memory is a great place to start if you want to impress your Valentine. If this is a Valentine whose heart you’re trying to win or one that you want to keep long term, then I suggest that you put real thought and planning into it. Don’t just do the regular purchase of an order of flowers, dinner reservations, or last minute with whatever’s left at the local market at 5:30 pm on February 13th. 

Make a Valentine Moment with a rose for Love.

What Will a Valentine Moment & Memory Cost? 


A Valentine moment & memory can cost as much, or as little as you like. You could actually plan an activity like an indoor picnic. Which, when things were tight at the Welch’s, we have done. One of my favorite memories ever. We have also planned an out-of-town getaway trip. Well, we were already going to be in England, but we were traveling with my mom & daughter, so we rented a room in a B & B in downtown London. Just make sure you take care of ALL the details ahead of time. Which we did not do. That was a Valentine memory (or nightmare) for sure. That will have to be a post all by itself: Valentine – What NOT To Do!!!!


Will You Choose Laid Back, Cost Effective

to Make a Valentine Moment & Memory?


Maybe super laid back, but super thoughtful & romantic, can truly mean just as much. Dinner at home. A nice bottle of wine. Pull the candles out and eat by candlelight. GO a step further for a real Valentine moment & memory – make your Valentine a personalized playlist of all their favorite romantic songs. Then how about slow dancing? What about running them a hot bath, and give a massage after (without expectations…haha), of course. 


How About a Big Splurge to make a

Valentine Memory & Moment?


If you are going to splurge to make a Valentine memory & moment: Go big or go home! Why not buy those tickets for that long awaited special event, play, concert or trip that your significant other has mentioned. You know their favorite artist, things to do or places to go most likely. Don’t do it half-way, go all the way. Arrange it all down to the tiniest detail, where there is very little room left for error. 

Make a Valentine Moment with a trip to the beach and enjoy sunset together.

To Make a Valentine Memory & Moment Unforgettable:


You’ve heard that the “devil is in the details?” Well, so is godly like happiness. If you want a beautiful moment & memory the more detailed you make it the more the one you love will know the effort that you put into it. That to me is where true love resides. The time to take care of properly preparing for something to be spectacular is often as meaningful as the event itself. Numero Uno: if you have children try to arrange child care for overnight. It needs to be night’s, if you end up taking a trip. (Guys, if it’s usually her job to arrange the sitter….Details y’all – this will add major memory making to the whole package.)


Let’s Do a Detailed in Home Picnic:

Pick out a tablecloth, quilt, sheet or even a couple of towels will work. Make sure they are clean and nice and neat. If they need throwing in the dryer for fluffing or if ironing is required based on which you use, then do it… Details are noticed. 


Dinner Romance for Two:


Maybe pick up a summer sausage, deli thin sliced meat of choice, maybe some prosciutto, 2 – 3 types of cheese, a couple of Granny Smith apples & grapes. Slice or cube the items that require it. A variety of few crackers is great, too. If you know they have certain favorites, go out of the way to make sure they are bought. Add a few garnishes / condiments that would work well with these pairings. Such as, baby pickles, pickled okra, olives (stuffed with jalapeños would be on ours), maybe a jam, hot and spicy mustard. 

Make a Valentine Moment Charcuterie board with fruit, cheese, meat, olives and crackers.

Take time to Google or Pinterest search – Charcuterie boards. It will show that you did take time to make this moment special. They are easily assembled. A cutting board works great. If you want a special one use a cookie sheet cover in a red foil or cut a heart shape out of a heavy piece of cardboard, then cover it completely with aluminum foil. Maybe even a white parchment paper. You just want to use something that won’t let moisture seep in and is a surface that can’t be contaminated. 


Let’s Talk Dessert: Chocolate covered strawberries on a tier platter for Valentine's party.

Buy a quart of strawberries, wash, and let dry. Pick up a bag of Ghirardelli melting chocolates (dark is my favorite in case anyone needs to know). Heat in a microwave safe dish. Dip strawberries, set on parchment paper on a plate, place in fridge until ready to serve. While chocolate is still wet you can apply sugar decoration crystals, sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, drizzle with white chocolate or a ton of different edible decorations are all options. If strawberries aren’t an option, make favorite cupcakes or pick up something nice from the bakery. 


The Rest of the Details: 


Now, pick their favorite wine, or sparkling grape juice. Maybe try making them a Southern French Kiss Martini! How about one long stem rose for the corner of your serving tray. Even a low cut carnation for the centerpiece of your board would work. If your loved one has a favorite flower maybe you can use it, and in their favorite color – detail. Cloth napkins if you want to impress. Make sure if you use paper plates and plastic glasses get the clear ones that are special looking. One thing for sure is if you are at a table this is not an issue, but if you are doing a carpet picnic party make sure you place something down to keep items from like glasses from flipping. Serving tray, extra cake pan or cookie sheet can work Just lay a thin sheet of pretty paper or napkin over it to make it nice looking…details. 

This is totally not a cheap Valentine, but it will make a memory. Although, it can be done for under $20; if you adjust what you eat and drink accordingly. Putting the playlist to use works well for this, also. Make sure you didn’t forget to get that babysitter way ahead of time, so they aren’t booked!

Make a Valentine Moment with just loving on your significant other and spend time hugging.

Now, How About a Trip That Anyone Would Love!


Pack your honey’s bag while they are at work or maybe after they go to sleep. It wouldn’t be awful to pack a new lotion or perfume / cologne. Candle, new robe and slippers. Shoot maybe even all new outfits if you are swinging for the stars! Handle children arrangement’s if applicable. Pay for tickets in advance. Have them printed or downloaded. Pick him / her up from work and head out. Call the hotel ahead, make sure that they have small details set up and waiting. Flowers, snack tray in the room, champagne on ice. Dinner reservations for that evening. Maybe a massage at the spa, mani/pedi or site seeing for a bit, nice lunch with plenty of time to rest & relax before a fun evening at the big event. The next morning spend it sleeping in. Have a room service order placed in advance or a special Sunday brunch reservation at a favorite local place. Many of these places need reservations months out, so take care of ahead of time. 

Should you not want a sitter and love traveling with the whole family and are feeling the love for all the members check out my friend Jenny’s post about a private boat trip in the BVI. It could be adjusted for a couples only I’m sure! I would take it either way. This is a fantastic post with tons of info. I’m sure you will learn a lot I know I did.


What Amazing Way Will You Make a Valentine

Moment & Memory For Someone You Love This Year? 


While I am still uncertain at this moment about the memory I will be trying to make for those I love for this year; I do hope that I have given you a few ideas. Just remember the thought and details are the most loving aspects to offer anyone who holds your heart, because the sacrifice of time and consideration is the priceless part of the gift that will mean the most if you are with a true love.

Love spelled out with hearts. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Wishing you Love, Life & Laughter on every day, not just on Valentine’s!

Live it finding your rhapsodyville moments one at a time.




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  1. I love all of these ideas to choose from for Valentine’s Day. Now I am inspired, and it’s so early! A vacation to the BVI’s on a boat with your +1, or with your family is dreamy. I promise.

  2. Now to print this out and leave it somewhere the husband will find it and read it. Like subtlety taped to the bathroom mirror! 😁
    The details are what show you care enough to make it special.


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