How About Grilling For That Special Loved One?

How about grilling for that special loved one for Father’s Day, 4th of July or maybe just because? We are a grilling family, for sure. We usually use the grill two or three times a week. Many times we use it even in the winter. I do have to say that the SBC tends to … Read more

What Could Be Better Than This Elvis Inspired Elixir?

This Elvis inspired elixir will surely satisfy your peanut butter, banana & fudge craving! I’m sure I could come with a few other things that are just this tasty… but after tasting this, they seem to escape me momentarily. This is by far one of the best frozen drinks I have made in a long … Read more

Who is Rock Town Distillery and Why Are We Excited About Them?

Just who is Rock Town Distillery? They are an Arkansas owned and operated distillery. Currently, they are the only Whiskey, Gin and Vodka Distillery in Arkansas. Now, let’s dive into why we are so excited about meeting them. Well, other than the fact that I love their brand of alcohol. How Did Rock Town Distillery … Read more

Have You Ever Tried an Old Southern Purple Passion?

Have you ever tried an Old Southern Purple Passion? Many have had “purple passion,” but not this recipe from many years ago. It’s taken me a while to remember it, then even a little longer to get it to taste the same as I remember, from many years ago. Is there a difference in an … Read more

59+ Epic Cocktail Recipes – You’ll Love This!

Here are 59+ Epic Cocktail Recipes that you’ll love and have fun trying! Besides, you’ll have such a great variety to pick from, you won’t know what to do. There are so many good ones that I don’t even know where to start. Without a doubt, I know where not to start for me though… … Read more

A Top 10 Best Ever Southern Redneck Margarita

A top 10 best ever Southern Redneck Margarita is really not that hard to find. All I have to do is walk to our liquor cabinet and there ya go! Boom! The only items that I sometimes have to forgo are fresh lime. I do however usually have my own fresh lime cubes frozen. This … Read more

How About a Tasty Southern Midori Sour Cocktail

How about a tasty Southern Midori Sour Cocktail to kick start the fun? This is one cocktail that my son has figured out that he might try “officially” when he turns 21 years old. He “unofficially” tried a Midori Sour cocktail when he was in Israel. Drinking age is 18 in many other countries. He … Read more

Should You Love a Perfect Peach Cocktail?

Should You Love a Perfect Peach Cocktail? Absolutely! If you are like me and a dry or semi-dry wine is not your thing, this Perfect Peach Cocktail could solve this issue for you. Of course, you would need to like peaches for this to make sense. A Perfect Peach Cocktail is So Simple to Make … Read more

What About an Inland Pearl Harbor Cocktail Would Make You Happy

What about an Inland Pearl Harbor cocktail would make you happy? I loved my very first ever Pearl Harbor cocktail. It was actually an “Island” Pearl Harbor. Paige, our St. Thomas USVI resort bartender, is who introduced the delicious drink to me. I am a sucker for anything with pineapple juice! Well, add a little … Read more

How Will You Take Your Toasted Butternut Monkey?

How will you take your Toasted Butternut Monkey cocktail? Will you shoot it as a shot or maybe a double over ice in a highball glass? Either way it is delicious! This sweet, creamy, rich and delicious cocktail that will leave you pouring a second. What will you need to make a Toasted Butternut Monkey? … Read more