Who is Rock Town Distillery and Why Are We Excited About Them?

Just who is Rock Town Distillery? They are an Arkansas owned and operated distillery. Currently, they are the only Whiskey, Gin and Vodka Distillery in Arkansas. Now, let’s dive into why we are so excited about meeting them. Well, other than the fact that I love their brand of alcohol. How Did Rock Town Distillery … Read more

9 Best Historical Sites at the Lions’ Gate

9 of the best historical sites at the Lions’ Gate will be waiting on you at the Eastern side of the Old City of Jerusalem. They are all within a 5 minute walk of the gate. I want to share them with you in this post. When you get there, I don’t want you to … Read more

Why is Israel Great to Visit for Everyone?

Why is Israel great to visit for everyone? That is an excellent question, one in which I hope you seek out and find for yourself. I am truly hoping that you will take time to watch the video below in its entirety. Maybe, just maybe there will be some answers for you in it. Is … Read more

Should You Travel to Israel Solo for an Amazing Trip of a Lifetime?

The grand finale, should you travel to Israel solo? Wouldn’t you want an amazing trip of a lifetime? YES, and yes! One year after this life-changing journey, it has been hard to put it together for others to get what it meant to me. You probably won’t, because it was intended just for me. Therefore … Read more

Fearless Friday featuring The Cabana Boy

This Fearless Friday we are featuring NEW blog content creator: the Cabana Boy! Introducing the newest member to my blog content team: This fearless Friday we are meeting Wayne Welch, aka “Cabana Boy,” (CB) or otherwise know as my husband, which he is not new – almost 23 years of marriage & 27 of hanging … Read more

Treats Not Tricks! It’s Fearless Friday Y’all!

Saturday evening was the beginning of what would be several days of lots of fun times! Fearless Friday treats not tricks will give a glimpse at a fun no hassle week, for once, in a long while! The Cabana Boy decided that he would finally get it in gear, just suck it up, take a … Read more

Who Wouldn’t Love Greer: “Little Miss” Busy

Who wouldn’t love Greer? She is my “little miss.” Since I am from Arkansas, it usually slips out as “lil’ miss!” She is so funny, smart, stubborn, strong, tall and I amazed that we are so lucky she is our sweet girl.   Who Wouldn’t Love Greer & GO   Me some days… that’s who … Read more

Fearless Friday (FF) Funday Photo Shoot

  Fearless Friday 1st This 1st ever ” Fearless Friday ” was a Funday Photo Shoot. Let’s just jump right into the deep end of something that doesn’t make me feel super comfortable….. A photo shoot, yep, not a natural. Much better behind the lens. Eyes are closed have the time. Bad posture. Pose too … Read more